There are things in life that are just super hard to get over.

As much as we wish we could just “get over it”, we struggle.

How then do we not let it affect our lives? Our happiness?

I think the answer to this is: by getting past it.

The reason some things end up affecting every single day of our lives is because we actualize them daily, weekly, etc…. We don’t leave it in the past, we carry them every day and in our future.

We don’t go past them, we stop by them every morning or night, and we nurture them…keeping them alive. Associating every single little unrelated similarities to them.

If that’s what we want to do, that’s fine although it might not be very healthy…I actually don’t think that it is healthy to make any past “event” we can no longer change or erase a master over our thoughts, moods or attitudes toward life and others.

But if we are seeking to free ourselves from those things, maybe we should just go past it and not try too hard to get over it…maybe we should just stop watering dead plants.

This article from Dr Gail Brenner can be helpful to some. 🙂


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