Disappointment is inevitable but misery is an option

You were not born into some royal family, maybe sometimes you wished you were.
You were born on a random day of the year, maybe sometimes you wished it was a different one. But that’s your birthday, right?
One of your older siblings bullied you most of your childhood and you wished the other older siblings did something about it. But they didn’t.
Your birthday got forgotten by your friends. Your parents couldn’t afford some fancy presents. You wished you went to that school up in the suburbs. But none of that happened.
Your teenage years’ big crush didn’t take much notice of you. You felt like you were not as cool as your other classmates at school. But oh well, you survived it.
You wanted to go directly into med school but you only got accepted for bio-chemical. One of your professors at university seemed to hate you for some reason although you liked his class, so you became a D student in spite of your efforts.
You dated the person you thought you were going to get married to but it didn’t work out. You gave it another try and it failed miserably. You ended up spending some lonely times and taking all sort of guilt trips. Then you realised that you needed to change your perspective.
You questioned how people related to you and rediscovered the value of great relationships but it is just not the same anymore…everyone got too busy with life to make the same efforts you made. You turned to friends, some you wished changed, but surprisinly, they were still quite the same insensitive freaks you knew or the grown up versions of how you remembered them…some holding on grudges you had lost memory of.
You got a job. Your work payed you well but you don’t like the management, you changed jobs, the new one pays you better, you became management, your colleagues were amazing but it eats into your family time more than you wished…
You finally got married, you wanted a blue sky with a bright sun shining down on the dress you once saw in some movie but although you got that same dress, you felt like it looked better in the movie…on your wedding day it rained. You have wished for a partner that was good at learning new languages, you got one that is not as interested at learning new languages as you wished…
So many disappointments by the time you are 30…well, let’s admit it, nothing much you could have done to avoid them.
You can avoid to live miserably though, you could still have about 50 years ahead of you…a very long time for misery to be the place you choose to live in. You can afford to focus on what worked: Alive, made friends, had a childhood to remember, survived teenage years, studied, worked, got married….still breathing.

It is life…c’est la vie!

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