Variable: Liable to change

Invariable: Never changing, constant.

Have you also mixed things up when it comes to these two? Making something a constant in your life and learning to be OK with it while complaining about everything you really cannot change? I have…

Mixing up the two could cause inaction where action should be seen to take place and frustration from unnecessary reaction to events and circumstances that have been, are and will be as part of the law of nature.

Winter is a season and it is what it is…stressing over how cold it can get only delays action and leaves one unprepared.

Bad mood is a state and it is not what it is! There is a trigger, there is a reason…there is an underlying issue that needs to be looked at and once efficiently and effectively addressed, bad mood will change into good mood.

As easy as it may sound, how many times do we witness the inverse?

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